About Oriole Capital Group

Oriole Capital Group is a team of American aviation specialists, category experts and industry entrepreneurs with strong operating experience, an extensive network of industry relationships and a singular focus on the aviation industry.

Our objective is a simple one: to partner with exceptional companies and management teams, providing them with the highest level of support and expertise across all strategic, operational and financial aspects of their business. We take pride in matching our financial investment in companies with our personal commitment and collaboration to create long-term shareholder value. We focus on building companies with the potential to become high-value, market moving businesses which leverage the many important macro trends driving the aviation industry.

While OCG efforts are concentrated on a single sector, our team is comprised of industry experts from fields as diverse as cyber security and avionics to HPT blade manufacturing, making OCG not simply a financial investor, but a group capable of looking beyond basic profit metrics to understand and participate in the broader potential of a business. At OCG we view opportunities through our own internal PLATform lens to identify a fit in culture and strategy as well as businesses we believe are extensible to broader categories through our active participation. Our primary considerations include:

  • People – In our experience, mutual respect and a fit in business cultures are key tenets of a successful partnership and business success.
  • Leadership – We seek companies with a unique and defensible industry position that can serve as a foundation for building tangential opportunities.
  • Alignment – We have a long-term investment horizon and support decisions and strategies that build a business for sustained success and category leadership.
  • Technology – We focus on companies with a technological advantage or expertise that are well positioned to capture and lead emerging market trends.

Expert Network

Often complementing the core Oriole Capital team in due diligence or strategic planning, OCG has an extended network of specialists that are called on for company or market specific expertise. Oriole Advisors may bring in a sector specialist to gain specific product or competitive insight before making a recommendation, or to identify market trends or potential disruptive innovation.

OCG’s Expert Network is also available post investment to help with strategic and operational decisions including new market analysis and entry, operating efficiency, capital investment, R&D insight, and everyday challenges and opportunities.

We generally focus on aviation opportunities that are relatively well established, and which are poised for rapid growth.